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Adopt a healthy life with our advices

Nowadays everything goes faster : the modern society requires a frantic life rythm, that sometimes is difficult to handle with. And this is the health that suffers from it most of the time : we skip some meals, we eat badly, and we do not practise physical activity enough. But how to stay fit all along the year ? You will find the answer on this blog.


To stay fit, the human body needs at least thirty minutes a day of physical activity. And contrary to what we might think, it is very easy : for example you can walk instead of drive the car, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and you can go playing with your kids or running with your dog. And if you want so, you can practise a regular sport activity : walking is an excellent solution to maintain cardiorespiratory fitness for example. Horse riding and swimming also are multipurpose activities, perfect for who wants to stay fit by having fun.


Nutrition is at the heart of a good health : to take care of it, you have to adopt a varied and balanced diet. Do not hesitate to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and meat as well to keep a sufficient iron rate in your organism. Moreover, help your immune system protect itself from external agressions : do not hesitate to have some minerals and vitamins cures, especially during the winter becausecold weather weakens the immune system.


Because we are living in a world where it is more and more difficult to take care of your health daily, we wanted to create a blog to share our tips to stay fit : find the advice of our professionnal nutrition specialists and sports coaches to adopt a healthy way of life, and share your experiences with the community on our forum.