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The use of hot tubs to improve your daily wellness

Every personne need to have wellbeing and goodness from the use of a spa. If you wish to see a huge selection of hot tubs sale online, direct yourself to www.tropicspa.com .

Using a spa: precautions to require

To avoid any problems when using your spa, it's advisable to follow certain rules.

Before using your spa:

  • avoid consuming alcohol and tobacco
  • avoid drug use
  • avoid overeating
  • take off your nicotine patch
  • avoid shaving an equivalent day (risk of skin irritation)

While using your spa:

  • get out of the water at the primary sign of dizziness
  • remember to hydrate well before
  • do not heat the water to quite 40 ° C (for an adult)
  • limit the duration of spa use, don't stay within the water for quite half-hour for an adult and no quite 10 minutes for a toddler or a pregnant woman (water at 32 ° C)

After using your spa:

  • remember to hide your spa with a special cover or a tough cover, especially if your spa is placed outdoors
  • Too hot spa water can cause hyperthermia, stay alert!

Regular maintenance of the spa is important

Maintaining your spa is important , and therefore the initiative in using it correctly is to scrub it off completely before using it, and ask each user to try to an equivalent , as this may reduce the danger of contamination of the pool. Likewise, do not forget to research your spa water regularly to see its balance, between once and twice a week: rebalance it if necessary, with the acceptable products.

Finally, don't forget to hide your spa after each use, especially if it's an outside spa: choose a canopy adapted to the dimensions of your spa, it'll protect it from impurities. Start by emptying your spa then fill it three-quarters full with clean, untreated water. Check the ph and adjust the speed if necessary with the acceptable products. Add a couple of bromine tablets to stop bacteria from growing within the winter, and lower the water temperature.


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