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Do not put just any product in your spa!

Today, taking care of your body is a luxury that everyone wants to afford. Mankind has created technologies to satisfy this irrepressible need for comfort, one of the most fashionable inventions is the indoor Jacuzzi.

Have a safe and good time in your spa

Before the ecstasy of a good hot tub was a privilege most people couldn't afford. A little excess that we treat ourselves to at the end of the month, in places specially made for it. Now to meet uplifting demand, the spa market is increasingly relaxed on product prices, making them much more affordable, you can even install one at home. Consumption turns mainly to relaxing spas (solo, couple, or family). At home, it’s easier to relax, let go of that daily pressure and indulge in a ritual of relaxation. Wearing, it is advisable to always take precautions to avoid the worst. The first initiative is knowing what to put in our hot tub. The toxicity of products in direct contact with our skin presents a risk that should not be taken lightly. Opt for more natural creams and oils.

Take care of your spa to avoid unpleasant surprises

After you have made your cosmetic choice, remember not to leave your hot tub in this state. Keeping a spa clean is not that easy. Given the number of brands and disinfectant products, it is difficult to find the right alternative. The best option to consider is bromine and some of its supplements. Despite this, its use must in no case damage the packaging of the hull. It is also necessary to provide for a constant renewal of the water, but above all put on hand protectors to avoid the risk of infections. Call on professionals to assist you in all these tasks.

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