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Plan your full day of relaxation

Relaxing in the hot tub or going to the spa is often known to be mere leisurely things you do to reward yourself. But, what would be good for your health if there were more ... and a soak in the hot tube or a visit to the spa? Read more below to learn how this relaxation can help you stay healthy always.

Whirlpool & Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is the practice of using water to prevent and cure illness, to achieve medical results. Using hot water hydrotherapy helps to relax your body and relieve stress when it comes to jacuzi tubs or spa baths. A fast 15-30 minute soak in the hot tub or spa bath is all you need to be on your way to calming those muscles and relieving the tension of your long day of work. For a wide range of advanced hydrotherapy items you can visit www.tropicspa.com which are sure to help you relax and enhance your health. Select from Marquis's, South Seas Spas, Artesian Spas, or Garden Spas brands.

Better Heart Health

Hot water does the body a whole lot of good, particularly the heart, when you immerse yourself up to your neck in your hot tub or spa bath. Cardiac function increases by almost one-third, and gives a great workout to your hands. The work out stimulates the circulation of your body and keeps your heart in good working order.

Lower back pain improves

One of the most effortless ways to relieve any lower back discomfort you may feel is to relax in a hot tub or relaxing bath. Hot water heat helps increase blood flow and delivers healing nutrients to the part of your back that is affected. The heat advises the brain to stop transmitting messages of pain to where it affects you. The last thing you want to do when you're in pain is to be in more pain trying to repair it! Sitting and drinking at the same time is soothing and effective in relieving pain!


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